The Native (A Legacy Novella), Sheritta Bitikofer
Sheritta Bitikofer

The Native (A Legacy Novella)

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*Navajo Territory – 1734*
Adam, the mixed child of a Navajo woman and European trader, makes the unsettling discovery that he is not any normal man. When Geoffrey Swenson shows back up to the village, prompted to visit his son for the first time since boyhood, it’s for a more disquieting reason. Adam is coming into his true identity as a werewolf and must leave behind his old ways of life, his traditions, and everything he’s known, to train with his estranged father. But with a new sickness sweeping through the tribes, leaving may prove harder than they ever imagined.
A mistake made in his early years has formed a rift between father and son, but now Geoffrey is Adam’s only hope for mastering his new werewolf abilities. After being abandoned by his own father before his first shift, Geoffrey knows how difficult it is to cope with these changes. But he begins to realize that maybe Adam is the one who can teach him a thing or two about what it means to be a werewolf.

~From the author of the Loup-Garou Series, The Legacies Series takes you through history, revealing the events that lead up to the finale of the Loup-Garou Series. Backstories to pivotal characters like John, Michael, Darren, and Katey's parents, are told in intimate detail with each installment of the series.~



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The Native (A Legacy Novella), Sheritta Bitikofer
The Native (A Legacy Novella)
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