Colleen Cross

Christmas Witch List

Eat, Drink, and Be Poisoned...
Cendrine West is looking forward to a cozy Christmas Eve dinner when a blizzard blows in, bringing with it a flurry of unexpected guests. But tipsy witches and mischievous magic spell a recipe for disaster, especially when a guest turns up dead. Cen’s sleuthing exposes a Santa-sized sack of trouble and everyone’s a suspect, even her hunky sheriff boyfriend.
Is it a deadly accident by a drunken witch…or something more sinister? Murder is on the menu and only magic can uncover the truth in this witchy, wacky, Yuletide thrill ride!
The Westwick Witches cozy mysteries are for fans of fun, cozy mystery books with a paranormal twist!
If you haven’t already listened to the first 3 books in the series, Witch You Well, Rags to Witches, and Witch and Famous, get them! Each book is a standalone but it's much more fun to listen in order.
"Bewitched meets Miss Marple...love it!"
“Five stars for my favorite combo of magic, mistletoe, and murder!”
"...A bewitching, supernatural treat. If you love witch cozy mysteries you'll love Cendrine West and her wacky witch family!"
"...One of the best paranormal mystery books I've read in awhile. An imaginative detective mystery that combines the best mysteries of an Agatha Christie whodunit novel with a Harry Potter fantasy book, this is magic for grown-ups!"
Witch cozy mysteries are for fans of fun, cozy mystery books with a paranormal twist!

The Westwick Cozy Mysteries series, in order:
Witch You Well
Rags to Witches
Witch and Famous
Christmas Witch List
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