Natasha Becker

Toddler Discipline: The Power of Positive Parenting and Healthy Communication in Your Toddler’s Everyday Life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the sources of parenting advice nowadays?
We all want to do it right.
But how can we find the balance between supporting our kids in their needs without being a helicopter parent who doesn´t give their kids enough space to become independent?
You want to mow down any obstacle that is in your child's way, yet you want your kid to be prepared for the challenges of the world.
Parenting is the hardest job in our lives and yet the most rewarding.
Of course, you want to do everything right.
You are not alone!
All you need to do is apply some simple strategies from parenting experts and you´ll never fail as a parent.
In “Toddler Discipline”, you´ll discover:
• The #1 key to let your child grow safe and healthy
• How to implant a "good citizen" memory chip in your child´s brain
• How to set limits and create time outs for yourself
• The stages of childhood development and the special needs of toddlers
• How to plant the seeds of self-esteem, competence and social intelligence
• How to create a deep connection with your child that will last forever
• How to deal with the most common toddler challenges from food fights to potty training
• The #1 method to deal with your toddler´s tantrums without ending in a power fight
It is hard to resist your toddler ´s puppy eyes and loving hearts.
Yet, in the first years, you shape your toddler´s future.
Fortunately, children who develop a strong and intimate bond with their parents within the first two years are less likely to demonstrate behavioral and emotional problems as they grow older.
If you want to successfully master your daily parent-toddler life without power fights and non-stop tantrums, check out this audiobook!
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