Christy Johnson

Free Looks Good on You

How do you let go of the pain when love turns toxic, when rejection, betrayal, abuse or addiction have shattered your soul? Love isn't supposed to hurt, but if you're tired of the heartache, it's time leave the past behind and find emotional freedom in relationships.
Those that mean well may have advised you to pray harder or give it to God, but these solutions are often too vague. The truth is...forgiveness is a very ambiguous concept. You no doubt know you're supposed to forgive, but where do you learn the how? How do you let go of the offenses that have left behind a trail of brokenness?
To add to the confusion, forgiveness alone isn't always enough. If you don't change the mindsets and behaviors that make you vulnerable to manipulation and control and toxic relationships in the first place, the past has a way of repeating itself. And then you stay stuck.
It's time to destroy the sting of toxic love and find you again.
Through the book's Freedom Blueprint you'll discover 8 soul-strengthening secrets that will empower you to redefine who you are and be transformed into the strong and fearless woman you were created to be. Armed with truth and effective tools to apply God's word to your life, you'll be able to lay down your offenses and walk into your future with the intoxicating power of confidence and forgiveness. Whether he deserves it or not, you deserve to be free!
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