Amelia Wood


(Standalone Biker Romance Story)
(This is the first book in the series and might not have the secret baby yet but following books in the series do)
Irresistible. That one word could describe so many things.
Wings. A motorcycle engine revving. Ice-cream on a hot day.
But- probably most of all- her ass.
She was the sexiest, little thing I'd ever seen, and my hunt for a criminal morphed into trying to secure her.
Life on the road was lonely sometimes for a bounty hunter, after all.
Nothing cured loneliness better than a beautiful woman with a great personality that itched to escape the confines of her life and explore the big, broad world.

Muscly? Check. Brave? Check. Gentlemanly? Check.
Interested? Check, and check. He had it all, determined not to be what his father was.
Rolling into town, I figured it wouldn't be too much of a problem to get a jump on him. He would get to my biker gang's bar-slash-hangout spot eventually.
But- boy, was it a problem.
It was a problem when he threw my unhappiness in my face.
It was a problem when he got me to tell him things that I'd never told anyone before.
It was a problem when he offered me a way out of my boring life being a fitness instructor to assholes that thought that because they paid me, I was an object to be leered at.
It was a problem when I tasted his life, and I wanted more.
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