Pauline Rowson

The Portchester Castle Murders

It’s Friday the thirteenth and Detective Inspector Andy Horton’s luck is about to run out.

His Harley-Davidson is vandalized, a strange symbol etched into the paintwork. A convicted murderer, Luke Felton, a name he recognizes, has gone missing. A decomposing corpse washes up in Portsmouth Harbour. A mysterious phone call leads him to another in a windswept garden in Portchester.

To make matters worse, Horton’s nit-picking boss, DCI Lorraine Bliss, has returned early from her secondment to HQ.

Horton’s got a lot on his plate. Can he connect the dots before anyone else dies?

This absolutely gripping detective mystery is perfect for fans of Ann Cleeves, Joy Ellis, and Rachel McLean.

© Pauline Rowson 2023

Pauline Rowson is the author of twenty-four gripping, fast-paced, atmospheric crime novels including the popular SOLENT MURDER MYSTERY series featuring the rugged and troubled DI Andy Horton. She is a member of the Crime Writers' Association and the Society of Authors.
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