Rhonda Appleton

Anxiety in Relationship

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Does anxiety always seem to find its way into your relationships by manifesting in the form of constant conflicts, unfounded suspicions, mistrust, jealousy, mean comments, overthinking, and much more?

And have you tried to stop it in the past but nothing seems to work in keeping the anxiety and its related habits at bay and are desperate to find a solution that works?

If you’ve answered yes, keep listening....

You are about to discover exactly how to stop letting anxiety and its related habits ruin your relationships, for good!

By virtue that you are listening to this, it is clear you’ve probably seen your anxiety get in the way of your relationship(s) (maybe you’ve had a few broken relationships because of your overthinking, jealousy, snooping around, distrust, conflicts, protectiveness, and more).

It is likely you are tired of that and want to end the trend so you can possibly have a happy, healthy relationship.

Perhaps you are here wondering....

What does anxiety get in the way of my relationships?

How do I tell whether what I am experiencing is healthy or not?

How do I deal with anxiety in my relationship(s)?

If you have these and other related questions, this audiobook is for you.

In it, you will learn:

- What anxiety is and how it manifests in relationships in different forms

- How exactly to tell whether you have unhealthy relationship anxiety

- How anxiety, depression and jealousy manifest and relationships and how they damage them

- Specific steps to take to turn things around and have a happy relationship

- And much more!

Yes, even if you feel helpless about what your relationship has become, there is hope.

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