K Dale Richardson

Excerpts from "If You Can't Beat 'em, Become Them

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About 2% of adults enjoy certain significant benefits and rewards because of active business ownership that the other 98% are missing. This book is written for all honest, regular, hard-working people to significantly increase in prosperity, security, and wealth by taking advantage of a unique organizational structure and business system founded upon principles of equitable-interest ownership and mutual responsibility.

Here you can keep the security of your current job as you achieve for yourself and your family a better now, a brighter future, and a more secure retirement through equitable-interest business ownership - within a business that works in harmony with your current career, in support of your current employer, doing things for which you probably already share responsibility wherever you work – not for a mere “pat-on-the-back” or token rewards, but to develop your primary source of financial net worth over time.
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