Carla Johnson

RE:Think Innovation

People make innovation much harder than it has to be.
Experts portray it as confusing and complicated so they can charge big fees. Executives make it intimidating and complex, so they appear smarter and important. Traditional innovators imply you need a spcial degree or Ivy-league education to know how to do it right.
The truth is, consistently coming up with great ideas isn't a talent one is born with or a skill that takes years to learn. It's actually a simple 5-step framework that anyone can follow to look at the work that they do differently. This is how to consistently have a bigger impact on the people they serve.
RE:Think Innovation proves why innovation must be everybody's business. It lays out how to tie individual proficiency to direct corporate outcomes. Within its pages, Carla Johnson shows how to create a ununified, idea-driven employee base that delivers more ideas-that are better ideas-in a shorter amount of time. Ultimately, this is how organizations become gunuinely nimble, passionate, innovative powerhouses that deliver extraordinary outcomes for the long haul.
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