Susan Malcom

Anger Management for Parents

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Being a parent is a tough gig; there’s no doubt about that. There will be moments that are beautiful lifelong memories. Others will try your patience and leave you pulling your hair out.
It’s not a question of if, but when you as a parent will lose your temper with your child. Kids don’t know any better, and they will push you to the edge.
The danger is when your anger spills over onto your child, crushing their self-esteem, hurting their feelings, or making them feel unwanted.
Understanding how your anger can change your child’s environment for the worse, and how it can impact their growth, is key in helping you curtail it.
Nobody wants an unhappy child, and you owe it to your children to prevent their unhappiness. Managing anger is a huge component of raising a happy, healthy, and emotionally intelligent child.
Inside this audiobook, you’ll learn:
how to take accountability for your anger, and what that means for you as a parent understanding both your own trauma and the trauma that can affect your children the benefits of positive parenting anger management techniques specific to parents and guardians  On top of anger management techniques themselves, you’ll learn how to keep yourself consistent with how and when you apply them to ensure that you don’t find yourself slipping.
With a collection of FAQs and directions to a support group dedicated to helping parents manage their emotions, this audiobook is also perfect to listen to now and again to refresh your understanding of the topic.
If you’ve ever felt anger towards your child, or if you’ve ever said or done things as a parent that were motivated by anger, then click “Buy”, and get your audiobook now!
Susan Malcom
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