Short Story Press,Casie Stilwell

Short Story Press Presents Enchanted Steps

Emilia was a normal teenage girl on the verge of elopement when her entire world was turned upside down by a catastrophic accident. Left miserable and deformed, Emilia uncovers a magical family secret that promises to bring her salvation, and eventually…her destruction. In this small town, in a land far away, the people are being preyed upon by an unknown presence, and many have been abducted. Fear and ignorance ensue and blame is soon set at the doorstep of a disfigured and reclusive Emilia, and she is hunted as a witch. She has one chance and one chance only, to save a small boy from a terrible fate and prove that even though she is a witch, she is not the one behind these nefarious plots. All alone, Emilia endeavors to use her magic in this hair-raising adventure filled with magic shoes, hairy beasts and mutated monkeys.
Willemena, Emilia’s jealous older sister, has a dark side. Emilia had the good looks, the handsome boy, the love of their father and more magical power than Willemena could imagine. Watch as Willemena’s jealousy quickly becomes maniacal and twisted in this fantastical story about what really happened before Dorothy landed in Oz.
Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.
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