G.K. Parks

Dangerous Stakes

Two stolen cars, a dead valet, and one determined detective...

After three months undercover, Detective Liv DeMarco isn't any closer to closing her case. Her target, Axel Kincaid, is an expert car thief with a violent temper. His legitimate business keeps half the judges and city officials entertained, so collecting enough evidence to put him behind bars is nearly impossible.

But when a parking attendant is murdered and two exotic sports cars are stolen, Liv becomes even more determined to put an end to Kincaid's illegal enterprises. There's just one problem. He has an airtight alibi.

With the case turned on its head, Liv digs in deeper. She'll do whatever it takes to stop the killer from striking again, especially now that he's set his sights on her.

Will this feisty detective become the killer's next victim? Find out. Get immersed in this action-packed crime thriller. Download now.
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