Lacy Williams

Keeping Kayla

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A Vegas wedding that never should’ve happened…
Ten years ago, Kayla Campbell made the biggest mistake of her life. She thought the hasty Vegas marriage had been annulled, only to find out she was wrong. So wrong. Desperate to house a needy foster kid, she’s forced to request help from the one man she promised herself to forget—ranch foreman Nate O’Malley.
Nate has waited years for his chance to make things right with Kayla. He was a twenty-year-old kid when he let her get away—and he’s regretted it ever since. She wants to pretend they’re married? Fine by him, as long as it gets him close enough for her to see he’s the kind of guy who sticks around.
But Kayla’s walls are as high as ever, and having a foster kid underfoot reminding her of all the ways they’re not compatible makes Nate’s task seem impossible. Can the stubborn cowboy show her he can provide the forever family she’s always wanted?
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