Connie Cuckquean

Couples Threesomes 8-Pack : Books 17 – 24 (FFM Threesome Reverse Cuckold Erotica)

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Dirty bisexual wives are the order of the day here, granting their alpha husbands permission to take on feisty beauties that can give their man the pleasures that they sometimes can't. Listen as mistresses get down and dirty as the wives in these bundles watch on, joining in and helping their husbands to the ultimate pleasure of two women at once. If bisexual women and ffm threesomes are your thing, this is for you!

Contains audiobooks 17 to 24 of the 'Couple's Threesomes' series, featuring : ‘My Husband Likes Them Bigger,’ ‘The New Gardener Is Our Slut,’ ‘The Magical Bouquet,’ ‘The BJ Fairy,’ ‘Air B’n’J,’ ‘Club Sex,’ ‘All In,’ and ‘Making Rent.’

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