Reigo Vilbiks

Natural Magical Weight Loss: Lose Weight Faster with Hypnosis, Meditation, and Affirmations

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This guided sleep meditation will take you on a journey into your true self. If you want to lose weight naturally and permanently, you have to discover the root cause of the weight gain.
Why do you hold on to that weight? It is all about the connection with your true self.
The more connected and free-flowing you are, the lighter you feel. And that will manifest also in your physical body. If your energies are open both in your mind and body, you will start to release all the toxins and blockages that are held in your body fat.
Listen to this beautiful guided mediation/hypnosis with relaxing and deep healing music and be ready for a true mind-body transformation.
It also includes weight loss, self-love, and positive affirmations to go even deeper into your subconscious mind.
Let the healing begin!
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