Gordon Lioy,Gordon Lio

Mind Hacking

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Discover the Secrets of Mind Manipulation.In this book you'll learn a trasversal topic you can apply to sales, copywriting and marketing in general.Persuasion is the fundamental skill for Marketing and Sales. With this audiobook you will discover 25 advanced techniques to hack the mind of your customers.
You can apply all these skills infinite times, from a simple sales letter copywriting to a complete marketing plan. The techniques you will discover are kept secret until now. These persuasion techniques were only used by Big Corporation or World Class Copywriters. Now you can gain massive success too.
PS: We've all been there. You will recognize that you've fallen into these mind traps hundreds of times.
Mind Hacking reveals you the hidden secrets of mental manipulation.
Here's a few things you will discover.
• How to create affinity with your client
• Use transparency and intrigue
• Learn how to use flattery and behavioral licences
• Design and create a ritual
• Use demonstrations at your advantage
• Which numbers you can leverage
• Appeal to authority - even if there's no real authority yet
• Discover how to craft a common enemy
• How to manage purchase friction
• Proceed by steps to avoid refusal
• How to be aggressive with sales
• Learn how to craft a false alternative
• Your clients are greedy. Monetize that Discover the magic words
• Satisfy the ego of your clients
• Create a sense of urgency
• Learn to gaslight your clients to make them consider your offers
• Discover the tricks to create familiarity with your customers
• Leverage hope and fears
• Increase the time investment to close huge sales
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