Stephanie White

Chakras for Beginners

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Discover what your chakras are, what they do, and how to heal yourself.
Can knowledge of your chakras really help you be healed and maintain a more spiritual balance in your life? Chakras can function as portals between the metaphysical and spiritual realm. We can grow, heal, and change in positive ways by acknowledging and comprehending these different energy types in our bodies. Chakras influence our decisions, relationships, charisma, sexuality, and development. Topics in this audiobook include:
Recognizing the 7 different chakras, each with their own symbolism, mechanism, and aura.Instructions for opening your chakras more effectively.Clearing the mind with your chakra energy.Spiritual counseling and healing techniques based on the roots of the chakra system.Balance and harmony through actively applying the chakra effects on everyday life situations. The mysterious background of “I” and other chakra origins. Begin your journey to the realms of rest and peace of mind by incorporating meditation in your daily schedule.
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