Mandy Whomack

Domestic Violence

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When you encounter signs of domestic violence, what do you do?

Some of us may have been through it, and others have seen it in other people's homes. Domestic violence is a serious problem. The stats don't lie, but they aren't completely accurate either. They reveal the victims who speak up, but not the ones who stay silent. If you are wondering what is involved in domestic violence, what to do, and how to recognize it, then you've come to the right place. In this book, you'll hear about:

What it is, why it happens, and which signs indicate you may be confronted with domestic violenceDomestic violence against men and why it has been hidden by many victims and perpetratorsThe best ways to help a friend or family member who gets abused by a domestic partner or parentHow to be better informed about the problem and recognize it more easilySome thoughts on false claims and insidious accusersLegal issues, lawyers, and organizational helpAnd even moreCurious yet? Then don't wait and start listening.
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