R.A. Steffan

The Complete Dragon Mistress Collection

They’re the last five dragons in existence. To survive, they must form soul-bonds with five noble humans.
Too bad they’re stuck with us instead.
Once, the dragonriders of Utrea patrolled the skies on the backs of their massive war-beasts. Now, only a handful of the extraordinary creatures have escaped eradication by a vengeful king. Without soul-bonds, the remaining dragons are mere wild animals, vulnerable to the army’s harpoons.
No one in their right mind would choose our motley group of rogues and misfits to save a dying species. The angry drunk. The shameless womanizer. The coward who ran away and got his comrades killed. The ice-cold assassin for hire. And me, the girl with abandonment issues as deep and wide as the Southern Sea.
The five of us came together by sheer chance, and most days, we’re lucky to keep ourselves alive.
We're all so different, we shouldn’t work together. A lot of the time, we don’t. And yet, every once in a while, I get a glimpse of what might be, if we manage to move beyond our difficult pasts long enough to become the family our dragons need. The family all of us need.
I left home in search of romance and adventure. Instead, I stumbled into the middle of a desperate struggle for survival.
Five people. Five mythical beasts. If we succeed in making it through this mess, it’s going to be a miracle.
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