Claudia Kirk

Cherry Pie

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Cherry is a girl with a secret. High school has been a nightmare, with the jocks picking on her – they all think she’s just a sissy boy. Little do they know the truth is much more interesting. Cherry has a bottle of pills stashed in her chest of drawers, and she has been hiding her changing body and growing breasts under baggy sweaters. But now she is finally free and moving to the big city to start fresh.
She has been dreaming about this day for years – finally getting out and being the girl she has always known she ought to be. And her luck holds, getting invited almost immediately to a party with one of her old friends who knows all about the new and improved Cherry. Best of all, there’s a cute guy here who looks just like her high school crush… throwing caution to the wind she starts dancing with him, and things start to get heated. Her first day of her new life is looking up. There is only one hurdle to really kicking off her fresh start with a bang – she needs to tell him all about her big secret, before he finds it for himself.
The kiss felt different, like Cherry suspected it would – not at all like when she had kissed girls before. His lips were not as soft, but the way he held her face was gentle and made her feel like she was being taken care of. She sighed and kissed Sam back, one of her hands sliding up his chest to feel the muscle beneath his shirt. Kissing him felt like it could lead to something more – when she had kissed girls, it was always just a kiss, and both of them knew it. This felt like a beginning, or like a promise, she thought.
Claudia Kirk
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