Shane Cuthbert


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Stress is a natural thing that occurs within all of us, stress and anxiety can occur momentarily or (acutely) and it can also occur frequently (chronic). Ive had a lot of experiences dealing with stress and anxiety in my life. There has been so many times in my life where I have become so crippled, overwhelmed with stress that I just couldn’t move forward and it was a big driver towards unhealthy habits and addictions for me. Now, most people I come across in often stressful situations are blown away with just how calm and patient I can be. In the most stressful of situations I keep a level head and I am able to stay in control of myself. Basically, I have learned to overcome stress. I documented and studied the process so that I can help others facing the same hurdles, In this book im going to share with you some tips, tricks and tools I learned to help me deal with stress and anxiety.
Things don’t cause stress. Things merely ‘trigger’ it. Let’s say that you are running late to an important meeting and you’re stuck in peak hour traffic feeling super stressed out. The traffic is not the cause of your stress, the traffic is always there during peak hour, you know this because you sit in this traffic each and every day. Your failure to leave home or work earlier is also not the cause of your stress. The negative reaction of the boss you work for and the other people you’re going to be late for is not the cause of your stress. These are all just things. And whilst those things can cause real problems in your life which should be addressed, the stress is not the problem. The stress is simply your reaction to the problem.
So learning how to respond and react to stress and being aware of the messages you are sending to yourself in your own head when you're feeling stressed out is going to get you started living that stress free life. If you would like to discover new ways of dealing with stress and making stress disappear this book is for you.
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