White Robes, David Kudler
David Kudler

White Robes

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One of history’s most amazing armies is born.
And its soldiers wear silk robes.

Lady Mochizuki Chiyome is mired in grief. Recently widowed by Japan’s endless civil war, she has become tired of mourning, tired of wearing the white robes that are the traditional Japanese garb of grief. On the road, she encounters two young women who open her eyes to a whole new purpose in life — and a new way to end Japan's century of bloodshed.

This is the first of six Kunoichi Companion Tales, prequel stories to David Kudler’s historical novel Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale.

White Robes — Mired in her own grief, Lady Mochizuki Chiyome encounters two young women who give her a whole new, much more interesting opportunity.

Service — A young Takeda warrior meets a servant who is much more than she seems (coming soon!)

Ghost — When Lady Chiyome receives a note from the shōgun, she finds that the messenger is much more intriguing than the message.

Shining Boy — Plucked off of the streets of the capital, an orphan girl tries to figure out what story she's wandered into.

Blade — Toumi doesn't want anyone messing with her business.

Little Brother — Returning to the monastery turns out to be as hard as leaving it was.
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White Robes, David Kudler
White Robes
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