John Hawkins

Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult People getting you down? No Worries! Learn How to MASTER These Situations Quickly and Easily! This Fast and Effective Training will give you a Quick "Ph.D in Handling Difficult People" :) You will learn WHY Difficult People are so Difficult and how to come out on top! Learn the Secrets that Therapists, Like Your Trainer, use to handle even the Most Difficult People ... Like Mental Patients ... LOL :) Get these Basic through Advanced Techniques that anyone can use from the Best Trainer in the Business. Stop Suffering! ... Take Control Back Now and WIN!!! :)
We have Powerful Techniques for Dealing With Difficult People that you CAN'T Find ANYWHERE Else!
You will discover:
* Introduction
* Big Bully
* Ambush Artist
* Volatile Volumizer
* Know It All
* Wishy Washy
* Yes Me to Death
* The Deep Freeze
* No – Not -Never Person
* Complaint Central
* What makes People Difficult?
* Successful Communication
* Power of Listening
* How To Handle The Difficult Types.
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