Mai Kurosawa

Goodbye Things, Hello Minimalism!

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People around the world apparently do not cease to come up with various lifestyles in accordance with their own personal perspectives, views and needs.

Some of these lifestyles created and implemented are known to be radically opposing to each other, with the rest being considered more or less "in between" these opposite categories, characterized in turn by peculiarities and standards that can be a fit for almost all human inclinations, orientations and intellects.

Of all these lifestyles, minimalism has appeared to the public and has been met by wide approval and a huge interest in the implementation or at least the attempt of it. So far, minimalism has multiple definitions and many elaborate ideas which can be considered to revolve around the same mutual concept of pursuing and committing to simplicity in life in a continuous and consistent manner.

The term "minimalism" does actually define itself. You may think of it in simple words as the lifestyle which includes having the "minimal" or "simplest" standards and criteria, associated with accustoming and successfully convincing oneself with such a lifestyle. The other definitions of minimalism chosen to be included this guide are for clarification and enlightenment regarding the subject. Minimalism is about maintaining things of importance in your life. The things that bring balance and alignment. These should be the items that you prioritized and valued the most.

This guide addresses mainly minimalists who have families and kids to reassure and confirm to them that minimalism is compatible within a varied scope of family sizes. This guide hope to dispel the notion that minimalism is impractical and incompatible with families especially larger families.
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samlowry2000bookmateje podelio/la utisakпрошле године
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I gues this is Minimalism 101 for the overconsuming middle class. I was hoping for some new conceptual hacks. If you are already living a simple life, skip it. You're ahead of this book. If you are actually drowning in things, maybe.

Carsten Jespersen
Carsten Jespersenje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
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Kort, dårlig, kedelig. Handler om at minimere forbrug, men er proppet med reklamer før og efter selve bogen, der tilbyder til præcist modsatte.

b4617204681je podelio/la utisakпре 4 месеца
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Not a bad book

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Goodbye Things, Hello Minimalism! , Mai Kurosawa
Goodbye Things, Hello Minimalism!
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