Mary Balogh

Someone to Romance

Love comes when you least expect it in this captivating new novel in the Westcott Regency romance series from New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh.

Lady Jessica Archer lost interest in the glittering excitement of romance after
her cousin and dearest friend, Abigail, was rejected by the ton when her father was
revealed to be a bigamist. Now that she is twenty-five, however, Jessica decides it is
time to wed. Though she no longer believes she will find true love, she is still very
eligible. She is, after all, the sister of Avery Archer, Duke of Netherby.

Jessica considers the many qualified gentlemen who court her. But then she
meets the mysterious Gabriel Thorne, who has returned to England from the New
World to claim an equally mysterious inheritance. Jessica considers him completely
unsuitable, especially when, while they are still barely acquainted, he announces his
intention to wed her.

When Jessica guesses who Gabriel really is, however, and watches the lengths to
which he will go in order to protect those who rely upon him, she is drawn to his
cause—and to the man.
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