Judy Cartell, Marshall Schneijder

Passive Income: How to Make Money Online and Work from Home

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2 books in 1:
Book 1: Online Income
Learn about online marketing, multilevel marketing, and other businesses
You may have been struggling with your home business, or perhaps you’ve seen people start something up on the Internet and make millions in just a matter of years. Well, those things are possible, but you have to keep some things in mind.
There are, for example, ways to do business the right way and ways to scare away your customers. In this book, you’ll learn things like:
How to sell to customers without being salesy
Online marketing shortcuts and hacks that will blow your mind
The whole question about multilevel marketing and whether or not it’s a good opportunity
Book 2: How to Start Your Own Business
In this guide, I have lined up the best ways to choose a business model, to find products that match your niche, and most importantly, how to scale up with the right tolls and means to the extent that you can possibly become very rich. So many marketers don’t tell you the whole truth, and I am here to debunk the myths (sorry, guys). You need to know the truth so you don’t end up burning all your money and make Facebook or YouTube think that another sucker is born. You are going to learn about:
How to leverage your business the right way, starting at the end and reverse engineering with the types of products that could actually make you rich
Which tools to use to get more leads for cheap or free
The top mistakes that make people fail in Online businesses and how to avoid making them
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