James W. Williams

Public Speaking

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Does the thought of speaking before a crowd send chills down your spine? Do you find the thought of getting a standing ovation to be magical and wonder if it can ever happen to you?
Studies have shown that the fear of public speaking can have an impact on your career. Those who fear public speaking are making 10 percent less wages on the average. Fear of public speaking also hinders promotion to management positions by 15 percent. According to various research studies, your delivery is as important as the content.
This book is packed with innovative tools and tips that have the potential of transforming your public speaking capabilities. If you’re struggling with confidence issues, shyness, and all manner of fear that make you tremble whenever an opportunity rises for you to speak, you can completely transform that into becoming a captivating speaker that leaves any audience yearning for more.
In this book you will discover:
In-depth information and exercises that can help you build confidence and improve your speaking skills.The secrets of great speakers - what they use to inspire and captivate their audience.The importance of being authentic and true to yourself and why audiences connect well with such speakers.How to develop persuasion skills and engage your audience effectively.Speech creation and voice preparation for effective communication.There is lots of information on public speaking. Finding a simple book that shares tangible information in a step-by-step format like this one is worth trying out. Are you still wondering whether this book is ideal for you? Considering the numerous benefits that come with attaining public speaking mastery, you will definitely find answers to all those burning questions on public speaking.
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