Conrad Jones

Reclaim Your Life

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If you and I are honest, right now deep inside, we'd both admit that the person we've robbed the most in living our lives - is us.
As the title and subtitle suggest, to truly reclaim your life, you must begin by repaying the debt you owe yourself by finally living the life you were born for.
...and there is absolutely no way that we can lead wealthy lives, if we steal from ourselves.
Isn't it time that you repaid the outstanding debt you owed to you?
If you've lost 5, 10, or 30 years not truly living the life you always knew you deserved and were born to live, then you have a debt to pay to yourself.
This simple, easy-to-listen-to audiobook, takes you on a journey that is divided into four (4) segments which I like to call "adventures", designed specifically to help you reclaim your life.
These four (4) adventures are:
Reclaim Your Wisdom | Wisdom is the currency of success; how are you applying yours?Reclaim Your Time | Time is the currency of life/existence; how are you managing yours?Reclaim Your Passion/Purpose | Purpose/Passion are the currencies of significance/meaning; how is yours flowing?Reclaim Your Happiness | Happiness is the currency of fulfillment; what is your happiness quotient? If you are 40 years or older, and when you look in the mirror you think to yourself, "I thought life would have turned out differently and have been more than this?" because you had high hopes and dreams for life just a few short years ago, and still have that silent tug in your heart, yearning for more from life, then this is the audiobook for you.
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