Jimmy Andrews

How To Tell Anything

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People from around the world confess their secrets to loved ones and confront those who have harmed them over the years.

Hear, in their own words, how a single moment, or a single choice in life, changed them forever.

Narrated by Emma Wills, this is the audiobook version of the ongoing website project "How To Tell Anything" at www.howtotellanything.com.

Confessions include:

1: “Larry’s Guilt” - Larry Woods (Texas)

2: “Leslie’s Loss” - Leslie Edkl (Munich, Germany)

3: “Carolyn’s Abuse” - Carolyn Woodville (Arizona)

4: “Edward’s Fuel” - Edward Doyle (Tampa, Florida)

5: “Valentina’s Fear” - Valentina Ooo Contino (Salta, Argentina)

6: “Madison’s Naiveté” - Madison Bailey (Nashville, Tennessee)

7: “Rose’s Forgiveness” - Kelly Rose (Manhattan, New York)

8: “Adri’s Anger” - Adri and Sofi Mendez (Prague, Check Republic)

9: “Elizabeth’s Scar” - Elizabeth Lundan (Los Angeles)

10: “Peg’s Confession” - Farber (Los Angeles, California)

11: “Hilary’s Betrayal” - Hilary Larivee (Reno, Nevada)

12: “Candyce, Ethan, and Gabriela’s Bully” - Candyce Weir, Ethan Miller, Gabriela Guisti (Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles)

13: “Jimmy’s Acceptance” - Jimmy Andrews (Meridian, Mississippi)

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