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Accelerated Learning How to Improve Your Memory After 40, Never Forget a Name or Date Again, and Stay Young

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Have any of the following situations happened to you recently?
“I’m forgetting why I entered the room”
“I keep misplacing my glasses/phone/purse”
“I’m forgetting the names of people I’ve known for years”
“I’m struggling to concentrate on even simple tasks”
Every 67 seconds, another person in the US is diagnosed with dementia.
And shockingly, the average cost of a dementia patient in the US is now over $50,000…per year!
That’s not just 1 or 2 years of care either, it may well be decades.
It’s not just the financial hardship either, there’s the emotional damage of seeing someone you care about fade away in front of your very eyes
So if you’re worried about Alzheimer's or dementia ruining the life of a loved one, then it’s understandable.
But there is a solution.
Recent studies have shown that you don’t have to rely on expensive pharmaceutical drugs to improve your memory as you age.
In fact, a study by Neurological Review showed that there are links between improved physical health and improved cognitive ability.
Plus there are also a number of brain exercises, used by many of the world’s top memory experts, which can boost day-to-day mental performance in over 40s.
The same techniques used by professional quiz contestants who regularly win thousands on the TV quiz circuit.
All of which have been boiled down into this easy to consume book.
In How to Improve Your Memory After 40, Never Forget a Name or Date Again, and Stay Young you will discover:
How to use a technique discovered by a top neuroscientist to ensure you never forget an anniversary or birthday again
A brain hack, used by Navy SEALS, which helps you retain your happiest memories
The 60 year TV magician secret to remembering names
An Ancient Greek memory trick (used by everyone from philosophers to world memory champions) which still works wonders to this day
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