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"Beautiful. Poignant." —Rachel Van Dyken, #1 NYT bestselling author
Everyone knew Bruno. Devilishly handsome. Ruthless criminal. Cut-throat businessman.
When a phone call changed my life, I refused to let anyone in. Helpless, my best friends went to the only man in town she knew would help…Bruno, the notorious mobster who’s feared by everyone, including me.
And he had no problem breaking down my door. Scooping me into his strong, capable arms. Whispering soothing words in my ear. Chasing away the fear threatened to swallow me.
But then he did the one thing I never expected him to do…he stayed. Can the man who’s spoken about in whispers become my greatest savior?
Enshrine is a USA Today bestselling steamy, inspirational standalone romance by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. This is a story about survival, hope, and most of all…love
"An emotional journey you won't soon forget." —Meredith Wild, #1 NYT bestselling author
"Beautiful. Poignant." —Rachel Van Dyken, #1 NYT bestselling author“Enshrine is such a gorgeous, breathtaking story.” —Toni Aleo, NYT bestselling author
“Enshrine rocked me.” —Terri Marie, NYT bestselling author
"This book had me hooked from the first page!" —SE Hall, NYT bestselling author
“Captures you so completely.” —River Savage, USA Today bestselling author
“A must read.” —Kaylee Ryan, NYT bestselling author
“Get ready to feel every page and fall in love with the unexpected.” —Author Cat Mason
"A sexy, palpable, real life romance." —Author Rachel Blaufeld
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