J. Lawrence Rabington

Selling: The Ultimate Guide to Sell Anything to Anyone. Learn Proven Strategies to Make Your Pitch and Close the Deal by Getting the Customer to Say Yes

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“Make the customer’s problem your problem”
~Shep Hyken
The time has come to become to learn how to become your own entrepreneur. This audiobook provides in-depth knowledge that will provide strategies required to make an irresistible sales pitch and have your customers saying yes before you can blink an eye.
Selling is an art form, it requires a person to step into a role that requires them to act out a script to land the final sale.
This audiobook explores all that is required to learn this ingenious technique.
If you want to invest in yourself and be the best salesperson possible, this audiobook is calling out to you. Take the time to invest in your sales skill and reap the rewards.
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