Rahul Iyer

The Art of Creating Pareto Analysis

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Are you looking gain complete expertise in Pareto Analysis?
If you have answered this question as "Yes," this is the book for you. Pareto Analysis is also called the 80-20 rule. It states that 80 percent of the problems are due to 20 percent causes. This tool helps you identify those 20 percent causes and mitigate maximum number of problems in your business process. This requires you to have hands-on expertise in using the Pareto Analysis. Pareto Analysis is in use since 1890s. Even after being in use for over a century, this tool still proves to be extremely useful. If you have already studied the Seven Basic Tools of Quality, you will know that Pareto Analysis is listed as one of the key tools in those seven quality tools. The Pareto Analysis is a simple tool to use, but its applications extend beyond just the manufacturing or the service industry.
You can create a Pareto Analysis in Excel or any spreadsheet. You can use Pareto Analysis as a part of your project management, process improvement, Lean Six Sigma project OR you can use this as a standalone tool too. Getting trained on Pareto Analysis is easy and your team members can pick up the right usage of this tool rather quickly. Pareto Analysis helps in root-cause identification. Hence, most organizations use it weekly (if not daily). Understanding how to use the Pareto Analysis in a step-by-step manner will help you identify the root-causes in your business process. Having complete knowledge of this tool is necessary for you to be completely equipped help resolve a business problem. This book is filled with thorough knowledge, practically designed, and easy to follow steps. It will help you create your first Pareto Analysis. After practicing the steps outlined in this book, you will master the skills to identify root-causes, increase efficiency, increase productivity, minimize idle time, minimize cost, and increase customer satisfaction.
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