Stephen Fleming

Woodworking for Beginners Handbook

Once an experienced Woodworker said to me, "There is no scrap wood, just pieces which have not met the right hand".Back in the days when I was starting with Wood Craft, I was desperately looking for the go-to guide about the processes and the tools involved.
Woodworking is a vast subject with many branches or sub-genres of this craft like Cabinet Making, Wood Carving, Joinery, Carpentry, and Wood turning.
This book is for people who are in their first lap (0-3 years) of the wood-crafting journey and want to have a holistic idea of processes, tools, and need help in their initial projects.
Below is the flow of the information provided in the book:
Introduction: The history and details of various branches of woodworkingAll about the wood: How to choose them; Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood, MDF all explainedWoodworking tools: Hand and Power tool explained with best practicesProcesses and Techniques: The complete workflow of the woodworking process along with a detailed explanation of the usage of each toolSafety and Best Practices: This topic is highlighted throughout the book, and best practices with  regards to hand and power tools explained in detailGluing and Finishing10 starter projects with step by step instructionsGlossary of woodworking tools, sources for downloading the free planAlso, you can download my additional  bonus booklet with additional plans for more projectsSo, what are you waiting for? As said in the woodworking community:
Measure Twice and Cut Once and let's start the journey.
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