Leslie Davidson

Emotional Relationship - 3 books in 1 Bundle: Learn how to overcome conflicts, overcome anxiety, jealousy, and negative thinking. Overcome Possessiveness in Marriage

The Ultimate Guide to Relationships: Unlock the Secrets of Good Communication and Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Insecurity, and Anger!Do you want to have healthy, stable relationships?
When we are in a relationship or a marriage, emotions usually run high. Sometimes, despite all the love, some ugly things can pop up, especially during fights. We can become insecure, jealous, anxious or angry.
To stop these emotions from ruining our relationships, we need to learn how to communicate honestly, directly, and calmly. We owe it to our partners, and to ourselves.
This book will teach you:How to handle the ups and downs and maintain the love Best ways to overcome anxiety and reduce conflictsCommunication strategies to prevent resentment and angerEmpathy and healthy dependence on one anotherAND SO MUCH MORE!When we don’t get a handle on our emotions, we run the risks of ruining our relationships. 
If You Want Happy and Fulfilling Relationships, Scroll up, Click on ‘Buy Now’, and Get Your Copy!
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