Rick Wood

The Sensitives

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Oscar works a dead-end job, in a dead-end town, in a dead-end life. Little does he know, he could be the only person able to save a young girl from the demon wreaking havoc inside her…
Oscar has never had much ambition in life. He is resigned to his lonely existence, spending his days behind the checkouts and his evenings behind his computer screen.
So when Oscar meets a stranger who tells him he has paranormal abilities, he’s fairly certain they are crazy.
But as he learns more and more about his paranormal abilities, everything changes. He is plunged deeper and deeper into the battle against the demons of hell, finding himself part of a war he is too weak to win.
But there’s more at stake than just Oscar’s lack of confidence. There’s Kaylee – a once sweet ten-year-old girl who now reeks of so much evil she makes hardened police officers run for safety.
He has to make a decision – will he remain a loser and let the demon continue to tear the girl’s soul apart? Or will he be the Sensitive fate has promised he can be?
This is the first of the epic paranormal horror series The Sensitives, from horror master Rick Wood. If you like kickass exorcisms, terrifying demons, and tense paranormal encounters, you will love this book.
Buy now and experience the true terrors of demonic possession today!
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