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Successful Marriage is like a mathematical equation – a sum total of luck, intentions and actions. While the former is out of our control, the latter part is purely our choice. So, it’s our responsibility to take our married life in our hands and draw its path in the desired direction.
What if your marriage isn’t a balanced relationship of equals? Unfortunately, majority of us are unaware if we are being genuinely loved or abused in our marriage, isn’t it?
Divorce is a dreaded thought for everyone tying the marital knot. Still, many marriages meet their ugly fate, as prospective couples are clueless how to choose their compatible match. Ah well, is there any checklist of an ideal companion? Does courtship period reveal your true identity?
What if someone is confused - whether to stay in a relationship or part ways? Why would someone remain stuck in a web of wedded life? Is there any escape? Is divorce the dead-end?
When I (The Author) found the answers to such burning questions, I decided to educate and empower the wounded souls to heal their past, overcome their fears, and live happily ever after.
My Book will help you:
1. Analyze your current state of relationship (irrespective of your marital status - single/ married/ struggling/ divorced).
2. Understand what is desirable/ adjustable/ unacceptable in a marriage.
3. Cut-through any redundant relationship and your own limiting beliefs, paving way for a smooth transition in life.
Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences, I believe my efforts in crafting this book will go a long way to fulfil my mission – “Touch & Transform Lives for the Better…”
So, what are you waiting for?
Listen to this audiobook to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions and discover what you've always wanted - the "New You".
- Sandeep Bogra
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