Lori Handeland

The Brother Quest

"If anything ever happens to me, go to 445 Briar Lane, Wind Lake, Minnesota."
Foreign correspondent Colin Luchetti receives this cryptic note from his missing brother, Bobby, an Army Special Forces officer. The address leads to Chasing Rainbows Day Care Center owned by Bobby's pen pal, Marlie Anderson, who knows nothing about his brother's disappearance. With all avenues closed, Colin decides to stick around Wind Lake in hopes of finding a clue that will lead to Bobby.
Marlie believes everything she needs is in Wind Lake—until Colin Luchetti comes along. She doesn't think someone who lives a James Bond life would ever be interested in a shy, bespectacled, slightly overweight preschool teacher. But Colin is fascinated by her zest for life and the way she is the calm in everyone's storm.
For his family's sake, Colin knows he should focus on the mystery of Bobby's disappearance. But can he do it without falling for his brother's girl?
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