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The Healthy Writer

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Do you suffer from physical pain relating to your writing life?

Are you struggling with back pain, weight gain related to sedentary working, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, neck pain, eye strain, stress, loneliness, digestive issues, or Repetitive Strain Injury?

These are the most common issues reported by writers and if you struggle with any of them, you are not alone.

Writing is not a physically healthy job, but if you want a long-term writing career, then you need to look after your body.

I've been through my own pain journey over the last six years. I used to get crippling migraines that sent me to a dark room, and back pain so bad that I couldn't sleep, as well as stress levels so high that I wasn't able to breathe normally.

Now, my back pain, migraines and RSI have almost gone completely, and I manage my writing life in a far healthier way than ever before. I share my personal journey and insights with you in this book.

My co-author is Dr Euan Lawson, who shares his insights into how we can reduce pain, improve health and build a writing career for the long term.

The book covers:

Introduction and survey results from 1200 writers
7 Reasons why writing is great for your health

PART 1: The Unhealthy Writer

Stress, anxiety, burnout
Back, neck and shoulder pain
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
A personal journey to a pain-free back
Writing with chronic pain
Sedentary life and inactivity
Sleep problems/ insomnia
Eye strain, headaches, and migraine
A personal story of headaches and migraine
Loneliness and isolation
Weight gain or weight loss
Joanna's Letter to Sugar
Digestive issues and IBS
A personal journey through IBS with FODMAP
Mood and mental health
Riding the Waves: Writing with depression
Alcohol - the good, the bad, and the ugly
Coffee and caffeine
Supplements, substances, and nootropics

PART 2: The Healthy Writer

Improve your workspace
Sort out your sleep
Sort out your diet
From fat to fit
Sort out your back
Lessons learned about writing from yoga
How to use dictation for a healthier writing life
The active writer mindset
Strategies for the sofa-bound
The active writer: Three golden rules
The running writer: Three rookie mistakes
Lessons learned about writing from walking a double ultra-marathon
Find a community
Build wellbeing with mindfulness
Develop healthy habits for the long-term
Conclusion: It's your turn. Choose life.

It's time to be a healthy writer!
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