Edward Kurtz,Short Story Press

Short Story Press Presents Knight Adventure

An old castle, a courageous knight, a beautiful princess, a sacred icon, an evil wizard and two little sparrows: these are some of the exciting things in store for you in Edward Kurtz’s latest magical story entitled, “Knight Adventure.”
The fast-paced story is set in medieval times and recounts the quest of the Silver Knight as he attempts to recover the icon that has been stolen from the castle.
You’ll be taken on a wild ride and learn:
• who stole the icon from the chapel in the castle;
• why the princess is suffering from a long illness and what will heal her;
• why the king and queen ask the brave knight to undertake a dangerous journey, and what his reward will be if he succeeds in his mission;
• who lives in a thatched cottage in the middle of the dark forest;
• why the icon is hidden deep in a well, who hid it there, and how it is found;
• why the two little brown sparrows are so important to the story and how they help the knight;
• and, finally, what happens when the knight returns to the castle.
Readers of all ages will enjoy this chivalrous tale of adventure – “Knight Adventure.”
Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.
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