Gordon Keirle-Smith

Another Egg, Another Life

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This Audio Book is all about Penguins. It introduces Pengos, who first of all hatches as the smallest penguin of all; a Fairy Blue called Korora. After this life, Pengos hatches another six times, learning more and more with each life that passes...
In between the stories, children can learn some interesting facts about penguins; where they live, what they eat and how long it takes for an egg to hatch!
Finally, Pengos is summoned to meet the Great Grey Emperor where our Penguin hero (now called Empiros) is invited to take a very important decision.
Children can then be invited to say what they would do in Pengos' feathers...
But before discovering this book's unique purpose, we would like to share a powerful endorsement from Peter Smith, President of the global Michael Newton Institute for 9 years and founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness to train LBT (life between lives) therapists worldwide.
In his own words:
"The natural incidence of Past Life memories are sometimes evident in our children, from the time they can talk till around 7 years of age. In this window lies an incredible opportunity. If we encourage a conversation with a child at that time and help them understand we live many times and they have come to do something important for their soul, they may have a different life.
"So where do we start?
"Gordon Keirle-Smith has made that start with Another Egg, Another Life to help children and their parents understand the concept of reincarnation.
"We can only imagine the great conversations that may result, between an enlightened adult and a young child open to remembering their energy beyond this form.
"I see this book as a way we can start an educational process for our coming generations, echoing more of the incredible beings we really are. Another Egg, Another Life helps us understand there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are that light."
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