D.J. Bradley

A Drink of Water

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"A Drink of Water is a story of fear, faith, love, and devotion. In this three-part series by D.J. Bradley, we are read the life of Pamela Burroughs, an evangelizing single mother.

In Part 1, we meet Pam, her fellow missionary friends, and Bibi, the boy who becomes their mission. While on a religious support trip to Africa, Pam's journey takes a surprising twist, as Pam's path crosses Bibi's. Bibi, a young, native Nigerian Christian, is on the brink of death, injured, bleeding, and without water.

A detour caused by an accident on the highway changes the course of not only the vehicle the missionaries are travelling in, but in the lives of Pam and her group, along with Bibi and dozens of others. What happens next changes the course of the world.

Part 1 of the series shares ideas of faith, love, prayer, perseverance, and courage. Reminding us not to give to receive, but to give to be a blessing, A Drink of Water travels through the pain of loss and fear of death, through hurting and healing, and through spiritual growth.

A Drink of Water refreshes us with the story of a woman that proves what's possible with faith. Enjoy!"
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