Leslie Davidson

Jealousy in Relationship: Save your relationship and learn to trust your partner, overcome possessiveness and Anxiety

Help In Dealing With A Person Or Your Own Relationship Insecurity And Trust Issues 
Is your relationship struggling with insecurity, envy, and trust or jealousy issues?
Why don't you trust a friend, a girlfriend, a husband or a wife?
Why don't they trust you, huh? You feel rejected and abandoned, huh? Is your partner saying that they feel rejected or abandoned?
Does it seem that you're caught up in a power struggle that revolves around spending time with your partner?
Jealousy could be a complex entanglement of a lot of things. I can show you how to get the pile of entangled negative emotions that damage your life and relationship unencumbered.
Inside this book, I unveil proven methods of making positive changes to you, your relationships can lead you to enjoy a much more serene and happy life by eliminating the things that contribute to Jealousy.
Relationship trust issues are usually at the heart of the issue.
I've read a lot of books on jealousy, I've struggled with most of my life in this area, and I've learned how to overcome feelings of relationship insecurity.
"Jealousy is the ultimate killer relationship." Everyone is struggling with jealousy, but not everyone understands the risks. Unchecked, jealousy leads to unnecessary drama, stress, and abuse. Some people may even end the otherwise promising relationship.
In this book, I share with you the wisdom gathered over the past forty years by working in relationships, working with counselors, and attending thousands of support group meetings designed to teach people how to deal with difficult people.
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