The Scholars (A Legacy Novella), Sheritta Bitikofer
Sheritta Bitikofer

The Scholars (A Legacy Novella)

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Australia - 1791
Geoffrey and Adam Swenson are imprisoned on a ship, bound for Australia – then known as New Holland – under bogus criminal charges pressed against them in England. After they escape and flee from the budding settlement of New South Wales, they find that they are not the only werewolves on this strange and dangerous new continent. In desperate need to return home, they must align themselves with unlikely allies and set aside old grudges if they ever expect to survive.
The elements, the Aborigines, and the loose laws set down in the penal colony of Sydney all work against them. Death lurks behind every corner and even though a new ally appears, both are hesitant to trust a man who has already shown himself to be a flight risk in the past. But all Alfred Swenson wants is a chance at reconciliation with his family after being absent from their lives for over four hundred years.

~From the author of the Loup-Garou Series, The Legacies Series takes you through history, revealing the events that lead up to the finale of the Loup-Garou Series. Backstories to pivotal characters like John, Michael, Darren, and Katey's parents, are told in intimate detail with each installment of the series.~



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The Scholars (A Legacy Novella), Sheritta Bitikofer
The Scholars (A Legacy Novella)
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