Philip Dick

Small Town

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Small Town by Philip K. Dick - The theme of "the man who played God" has been used many ways in many stories, but never with more tense and chilling effect than in this tight little yarn by the very able Mr. Dick. You'll like it, we're sure.
Verne Haskel crept miserably up the front steps of his house, his overcoat dragging behind him. He was tired. Tired and discour­aged. And his feet ached. "My God," Madge exclaim­ed, as he closed the door and peeled off his coat and hat. "You home already?"
Haskel dumped his briefcase and began untying his shoes. His body sagged. His face was drawn and gray.
"Say something!"
"Dinner ready?"
"No, dinner isn't ready. What's wrong this time? Another fight with Larson?"
Haskel stumped into the kitchen and filled a glass with warm water and soda. "Let's move," he said.
"Away from Woodland. To San Francisco. Anywhere." Haskel drank his soda, his middle-aged flabby body sup­ported by the gleaming sink. "I feel lousy. Maybe I ought to see Doc Barnes again. I wish this was Friday and to­morrow was Saturday."
"What do you want for dinner?"
"Nothing. I don't know."
Scott Miller
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