Isaac Daly,Levi Brown

99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing

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99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing

For every spearo there are issues to overcome. From equalizing problems and poor breath-hold to finding the good places to go spearfishing. This guide contains some of the best advice we have learned to overcome these issues and continue to get better as spearo's.

When Levi and I started spearfishing (in different countries) we had lots of issues to overcome in order to spearfish safely and successfully. I battled with finding people to go with, finding the right places to go to, and putting together equipment that got the job done and didn't break the bank.

We both soon discovered that spearfishing has one of the steepest learning curves imaginable and so we started the Noob Spearo Podcast, a show where we track down some of the worlds best spearo's and learn from their stories, experience and advice. This book contains some of that advice distilled into concise actionable tips for you to apply to your own spearfishing.

Advice from 40 Of The Worlds Best Spearo's Right At Your FingerTips

"99 Tips more like a 101 and more tips... Even after 30 years of spearfishing there are tips in here that I never thought of. So for someone only a few years into spearing this is a must have resource. Best of all it's short concise and to the point, so it's just the good stuff that will make you a better diver right at your fingertips." - Chris Coates

Tips help deal with topics such as;

How to find good places to go spearfishing

How to increase your bottom time

Improve your spearfishing hunting technique

Overcome common difficulties such as cramp, seasickness, and equalizing

How to find a mentor, dive buddies and get involved in competitions

Tips for how to be effective at shore & boat diving

Blue water hunting and more

99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing is actionable information to improve your spearfishing

With more than 40 interviews and over 100 articles published on www.noobspearo.com, Levi Brown and Isaac Daly have become the go-to resource for many spearo's looking to improve their spearfishing. With 101 series articles and interviews for people just getting started spearfishing to more advanced hunting technique guides, they have acquired the necessary knowledge to help you move your spearfishing to the next level.

Get this book now to seriously improve your spearfishing experience
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