Edgar Poe

The Black Cat

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A very troubled, sad man who drowns his sorrows and fears in alcohol begins to turn from being a loving and thoughtful husband and animal lover with many pets, to a deeply disturbed individual who takes his feelings of misery out on his pets, and especially targeting his black cat, who loves him deeply. From that point on, the man spirals down further and further into his own bleak maelstrom of troubles, losing everything he owns and loves as a result. Eventually, in his maniacal rage directed at his cat, trying to kill the innocent animal, he kills his wife instead. This leads to his disposing of her body, and the eventual gruesome discovery by the police of his wife and the black cat in a makeshift tomb.

One of Edgar A. Poe's most compelling and popular short stories, The Black Cat will mystify you and stir your imagination.
Donald Aday
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