R.A. Steffan

The Lion Mistress: Book 3

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For the revolution to succeed, he’ll have to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Favian of Draebard has been a Seer since he was thirteen. His visions are never wrong.
Now, he’s leading a slave revolt along with a crazy shapeshifter, a ghost with an attitude problem, and the most stubborn, amazing woman he’s ever met.
The good news is, it looks like they might succeed. The bad news is, he’ll have to die before they do.
But if Favian tells the others what the future holds, he knows they’ll move heaven and earth to stop it happening—even if doing so sentences untold thousands to subjugation and slavery at the hands of an evil tyrant.
He'd always suspected that destiny could be one seriously cold-hearted bitch. Now he's sure of it.
* * *
The Lion Mistress by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan is a medium-burn reverse harem fantasy romance trilogy with heavy M/M content.
This series is part of the Eburosi Chronicles:
The Horse Mistress (4 books, complete)
The Lion Mistress (3 books, complete)
The Dragon Mistress (4 books, complete)
Master of Hounds (3 books, complete)
Mistress of War (TBD, coming in 2022)
While loosely linked, each series may be enjoyed on its own.
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