Ann Omasta

The Billionaire's Brother

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Sparks fly when Trevor Donovan meets the woman who can help him run his brother’s empire. Will these two be able to resist a forbidden office romance, or will they choose love over money?
Trevor Donovan has always felt inferior to his billionaire brother, Trey. When his brother leaves him in charge, Trevor gets the opportunity to prove his worth. Will he be able to fill his brother’s expensive shoes?
Millie Parks is Trey’s executive assistant and right-hand woman. She is sleek, smart, and confident. She can help Trevor succeed at running Donovan Enterprises, if he will let her.
Trevor can’t help being attracted to Millie. She is everything he has ever wanted in a woman, and he can’t deny his growing feelings for her, even though he is now her boss.
A forbidden workplace romance would risk everything they have both worked so hard to earn. Will they follow the rules or take a chance on love? Find out now by listening to The Billionaire’s Brother.
This contemporary romance novella can be listened to as a standalone or as the second book in The Broke Billionaires Club Series.
Live the high life with Trevor Donovan in this sweet with mild heat billionaire romance audiobook. Meet him now.
Available books in The Broke Billionaires Club:
1.     The Broke Billionaire
2.     The Billionaire’s Brother
3.     The Billionairess
4.     The Royally Broke Billionaire: Royal Wedding Blues
5.     The Royally Broke Billionaire: Royal Baby Scandal
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