R.A. Steffan

The Horse Mistress: Book 3

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Senovo, Andoc, and I have refused to let circumstances tear us away from each other.
Draebard’s tribal chieftain does not approve of Andoc’s decision to continue our unconventional three-way relationship. Now, on top of everything else, war is looming after the combined forces of Draebard and Meren destroyed the Alyrion Empire’s military outpost in northern Eburos.
Senovo and I have long relied on Andoc to be our rock. Our touchstone. But when Andoc's future is shattered by betrayal and life-changing injury, it will fall to us to give our big-hearted warrior a new reason to live.
For love to overcome despair, it’s going to take all three of us.
* * *
The Horse Mistress by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan is a 2016 Rainbow Award winning LGBT fantasy romance series.
This series is part of the Eburosi Chronicles:
The Horse Mistress (4 books, complete)
The Lion Mistress (3 books, complete)
The Dragon Mistress (4 books, complete)
Master of Hounds (3 books, complete in early 2021)
The War Mistress (TBD, coming in late 2022)
While loosely linked, each series may be read on its own.
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